Tuesday, 06:42 07-06-2022

Basis for the formation of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology on national equality

Political theory Tuesday, 06:42 07-06-2022

Abstract: Vietnam is a unified, multi-ethnic country. The realization of ethnic equality is an urgent requirement during the nation building and defense process and an important factor for social stability and development. Entering the twentieth century, the country was engulfed in dark nights of slavery with two oppressions of imperialists and feudal landlords, along with revolutionary guidelines crisis, oppressions and poverty. These are the motivations that prompted Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) to find ways of saving the people and the country. He spent 30 years visiting all continents worldwide. Finally, the revolution brought about victory, establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - the first workers-peasants state in Southeast Asia.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication (English), No 2-2022


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