The Vitality of Ho Chi Minh’s thought in the Present Time

Abstract: The Vietnamese people have had many great thinkers, but Ho Chi Minh was the only one who had complete and original thought and used it to change the course of history. This article first shows Ho Chi Minh’s ability to perceive the epoch correctly and then explains the factors that made his thinking immortal. These interpretations aim to affirm the ...

Linguistic style of political science

Abstract: Political science has rapidly developed and significantly contributed to the cause of national building, protection and development. However, there have been no specialized works discussing linguistic style of political science, ...

Press performs the function of social supervision and criticism – issues and solutions.

Abstract: Journalism is a crucial means of mass communication in social life. It not only reflects reality by delivering the most up-to-date and accurate information on current domestic and international issues, orienting information and ...

Ho Chi Minh Ideology

“Abstract: Ho Chi Minh's cultural philosophy is a system of scientific, revolutionary and theoretical viewpoints on culture and the construction of Vietnamese culture. It resulted from creative application and development of Marxism-Leninism into the specific conditions of Vietnam. It inherited and developed the nation’s traditional values while acquiring humanity's cultural essence. This is a heritage of tremendous value both theoretically and ... “

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Doan Thi Chin

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

“Abstract: Environmental protection is a matter of vital importance to the country’s rapid and sustainable development and is the responsibility of the whole people and political system. Therefore, environmental protection should be put on par with economic, cultural, and social development. Sustainable development needs to be harmoniously and reasonably based on three pillars, namely sustainable economic development, sustainable social ... “

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Le Thi Thao

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication


Innovating journalism training in the context of digital transformation in Vietnam today.

Abstract: Vietnam has numerous policies on press development, especially on the issue of strategy formulation, development planning, and management of the press system. Investment has been focused on the fields of training and fostering human resources in expertise, professionalism, and management of press activities, scientific research; and application of modern technology for press agencies. However, for the press to operate more efficiently in the current digital transformation context, training human resources needs to be a top priority. This article points out 8 issues that require attention in innovating journalism training and retraining activities in the context of Vietnam's current digital transformation.