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Solutions to improve quality of political-theory online training among Vietnamese universities in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Political theory Saturday, 10:02 02-04-2022

Abstract: The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has had a profound and far-reaching impact on all aspects of social life, including higher education in general and political theory education in particular. In the current trends, universities in Vietnam are comprehensively innovating and implementing online training to meet the needs of high-quality human resources in the digital era. In the current context, online training is regarded as the best option. This article focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of applying political-theory online training for Vietnamese university students and proposes some basic solutions to improve the quality of political theory education for Vietnamese university students in the current Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 12-2021

Nguyen Thi Ha Thu

MA, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Forecasting trends affecting External information via organizing foreign affairs events.

Forecasting trends affecting External information via organizing foreign affairs events.

Political theory 05:18 20-08-2022 1 giờ trước

Abstract: In recent years, implementing and carrying out the missions stated in the Conclusion No. 16-KL/TW dated February 14, 2012 by the Politburo about "Strategy for the Development of External Information from 2011 to 2020", along with excellent hosting international events, Vietnam’s external information affairs have played an important role in implementing foreign policies and guidelines as well as promoting the process of Vietnam’s integration, enhancing Vietnam's position in the international arena. Though cooperation and development are big trends, the world still face lots of obstacles and challenges when entering the third decade of the 21st century. This context has created intertwined advantages and disadvantages, requiring our Party and State to make appropriate innovations in external information via the organization of foreign affair events in the coming time.

Improving skills of political theory teaching in the new situation

Improving skills of political theory teaching in the new situation

Political theory 00:36 19-08-2022 1 ngày trước

Improving the quality of political theory teaching is one of the importantsolutions to protect the Party’s ideological foundation in the new situation.Therefore, political theory lecturers need to practice their political qualities andsteadfastness, improve their professional qualifications and develop basic teachingskills such as lecture preparation, lesson implementation, and abilities in assessingpolitical theory learning outcomes. In the process of teaching political theory, theseabilities are inextricably linked. The training of these skills requires attention andsupport from training institutions and lecturers’ determination.

Linguistic style of political science

Linguistic style of political science

Political theory 00:34 19-08-2022 1 ngày trước

Abstract: Political science has rapidly developed and significantly contributed to the cause of national building, protection and development. However, there have been no specialized works discussing linguistic style of political science, or the expressive form of political science works. The article introduces the linguistic features of scientific style in general and political science style in particular. By affirming the role of political science’s linguistic style, it is expected to help develop skills in using political science’s linguistic style accurately, appropriately and efficiently.

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