Friday, 10:32 10-12-2021

V.I. Lenin’s thought about new economic policy in the Report on the Tax in Kind and its implications in current context

Marxism and Leninism Friday, 10:32 10-12-2021

Abstract: In the manuscript “Report on the tax in kind”, V.I. Lenin presented his thought about the economic model in the transition to socialism, in which the highlight was about the multi-sector economy (market economy) and the maintenance of Socialist orientation in such market economy. In the new context with the development of market economy and globalization, international integration, it is required that we strongly maintain the socialist orientation of the market economy. V.I. Lenin’s thought in Report on the tax in kind can be applied to maintain the socialist orientation in the current transition to socialism in Vietnam.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 4-2021

Trần Hải Minh

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Increasing political consciousness for ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands today

Abstract: Today, hostile forces are daily and hourly looking for ways to damage the revolutionary cause, to propagandize slanderous statements against our Party and State. They target grassroots areas, especially in remote and isolated areas where many ethnic minorities live, especially in Central Highlands. Therefore, in order to fight against the plots of hostile forces, ethnic minorities must know how to identify them and analyze distorted claims. To do so, they need good political awareness. They must be educated, trained to raise political awareness, sharpen their awareness and ideology so as to create immunity against the plots of hostile forces, contributing to political stability and social stability.

Theoretical values of Marxism integral to the cause of building socialism in the 21st century

Theoretical values of Marxism integral to the cause of building socialism in the 21st century

Marxism and Leninism 20:38 24-09-2022 12 tháng trước

Political theory - After “grasping the era with thought”, it can be said that a great revolution in awareness and world transformation has been carried out using Marxism. Marxism is not only a great awareness tool and a complete and close science which puts an end to the randomness and chaos in historical and political conceptions but also the method to transform the world deeply and comprehensively. Nowadays, the sustainable values of Marxism are still asserted, which makes great contributions to mankind by developing awareness about the era, foundation, develop ruling styles, and the characteristics of socialism including the path and method to build real socialism.

The Scientific, Revolutionary, and Humanistic Nature of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy

The Scientific, Revolutionary, and Humanistic Nature of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy

Marxism and Leninism 09:51 28-03-2022 1 năm trước

Abstract: Marxist-Leninist philosophy, founded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, was successfully actualized and developed by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. It opened a new era in political thought and initiated an era of transition from capitalism to socialism worldwide. Currently, taking advantage of the collapse of the socialist model in the Soviet Union and some Eastern European countries, many reactionary forces have rejected Marxism-Leninism which considered the ideology of the working class and the ideological foundation of Communist Parties in the world including Vietnam. This article clarifies the lasting value of Marxist- Leninist philosophy including its doctrine of unity of scientific, revolutionary, and humanistic values, thereby contributing to protecting the ideological foundation of the Communist Party of Vietnam. It also outlines the fight against wrong and hostile views against Vietnam.

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