Monday, 08:24 28-03-2022

Using social media to promote the image of Vietnam

Digital media Monday, 08:24 28-03-2022

Abstract: The development of social media is both a challenge and opportunity to the promotion of national image. It is important for us to understand the practice of promoting Vietnam image on social media and put their advantages into play. Thus, we can evaluate the pros and cons to propose the solutions to use social media effectively in the promotion of Vietnam image.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 11-2021

Bui Thị Van

MA, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Renewing the mindset of proactive and comprehensive international integration in Vietnam

Abstract: As part of their leadership in the innovation process, our Party and State have followed policies of opening the economy, transforming into a market economy and integrating into the global economy. Meanwhile, our Party has gradually expanded and perfected its awareness of the need for proactive, active, comprehensive, and extensive international integration in accordance with the country’s conditions and practical requirements. It contributes to boosting economic growth; ensuring security, sovereignty, territorial integrity and enhancing the country’s position internationally. This article focuses on clarifying Vietnam’s proactive innovative thinking and its active, thorough, extensive international integration from two perspectives: (1) renovating foreign policy thinking and (2) renovating international integration thinking.

Solutions to improve the quality of electronic Journal of Political Theory and Communication in current period

Solutions to improve the quality of electronic Journal of Political Theory and Communication in current period

Digital media 17:20 28-08-2022 1 năm trước

Abstract: Integrating into the development trend of online newspapers in the digital era, after more than a year in operation, the electronic Journal of Political Theory and Communication has brought into play its strength and affirmed its position and role in the overall development of the AJC (Academy of Journalism and Communication) as well as its reputation in society. However, its operation still has challenges, limitations and shortcomings. The article proposes a number of solutions to improve the quality and performance of the Journal in the coming time.