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Developing Online Models for Educating and Training Political Theory in Viet Nam

Education and training Friday, 14:57 14-05-2021

Online education and training is the process of teaching and learning facilitated by the application of internet. Online education and training have been applied in several countries with remarkable achievements, contributing to the establishment of the lifelong learning society. It is the trend of education and training, which is suitable in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. By exploring the online models in other countries and Viet Nam and understanding the unique education of political theory in Viet Nam, the author proposes the models, which are suitable to the context of Viet Nam and can be realized in the coming time.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 1 (2020).

Tran Hai Minh

Assoc. Prof., PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Developing television talk show hosting skills

Abstract: Currently, television talk shows remain one of the popular program formats on television, both worldwide and in Vietnam. Late-night talk shows or entertainment-oriented talk shows like "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" (on NBC, USA) are still among the programs that attract viewers. The official YouTube channel for this show has up to 30.5 million subscribers. In Vietnam, entertainment-oriented talk shows also receive significant attention, such as "Late-night talk" (VTV3). Additionally, programs with a more serious and analytical focus also maintain their position, like "Events and comments" (VTV1), which has been broadcasting for over 20 years. In the current competitive information landscape, watching a 15 to 30-minute talk on television is a challenge for the audience. It requires the hosts and participants, especially the show hosts, to have specific skills to make the program engaging.

Credit-based training method at higher education in Vietnam today

Credit-based training method at higher education in Vietnam today

Education and training 14:10 04-10-2023 1 tháng trước

Abstract: (LLCT&TT) Credit-based training is a method of organizing training for each module, allowing students to accumulate credits of each module and implement a training program according to their individual studying plan in accordance with the plan of the training institution. For Vietnam, this is a new training method, replacing the previous year-based one. The Ministry of Education and Training officially required universities and colleges to switch to credit-based training from the 2009-2010 school year. After more than 10 years of implementation, the method has proved its superiority, efficiency and modernity compared to the year-based training method. However, the newness brings with it difficulties, challenges and limitations that need to be overcome. The article contributes to giving a more comprehensive view theoretically and practically in order to further improve the quality and effectiveness of credit-based training methods in higher education institutions in our country today.

Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Education and training 14:45 05-03-2023 9 tháng trước

Abstract: Vietnam's higher education has been deeply integrating to better adapt to the rapid changes of the times. In that context, the policy of university autonomy issued by the Party and State is considered a top priority, in line with the development of the global education system. However, while the University Council is very popular in Western countries, the application of this model in Vietnam still faces many difficulties despite having specific regulations in the law. This article is aimed at identifying models of University Councils in some countries and pointing out the difficulties for universities in Vietnam when implementing this new governance model.

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