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Journalists and Selection Capacity

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In this article, the author discusses the holistic approach to understand journalists and competence (or skill) of selection so as to clarify the awareness and training method for the journalists to improve the qualities, which they are weak at in the new working condition and environment.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 6 (2019).

Nguyen Van Dung

Associate Professor, PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Factors affecting contents of press - media in the context of globalization

Abstract: The press and media play the central role in the context of globalization. The information in the press and media becomes important to all areas of life. Research on journalism, global communication in social and international relations adds important insights to the study of politics and sociology. The increasingly global influence of contents requires the press- media to understand and embrace global trends. Besides, the press-media also face difficulties in connecting information and adapting to cultural diversity.