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Journalists and Selection Capacity

Education and training Wednesday, 15:14 28-04-2021

In this article, the author discusses the holistic approach to understand journalists and competence (or skill) of selection so as to clarify the awareness and training method for the journalists to improve the qualities, which they are weak at in the new working condition and environment.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 6 (2019).

Nguyen Van Dung

Associate Professor, PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Cost-benefit analysis in determining the optimal policy option

Abstract: In the field of policy analysis, choosing the optimal policy is a key activity. Policymakers are always under pressure to choose reasonable solutions to existing social problems. Currently, there are many approaches to this activity, among which cost-benefit analysis is one of the prominent ones. Cost benefit analysis uses economic arguments to explain why one policy option is better than another. The article contributes to clarifying the contents related to the characteristics, roles, processes, advantages and disadvantages of this method in the field of policy analysis.

Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Education and training 14:45 05-03-2023 6 tháng trước

Abstract: Vietnam's higher education has been deeply integrating to better adapt to the rapid changes of the times. In that context, the policy of university autonomy issued by the Party and State is considered a top priority, in line with the development of the global education system. However, while the University Council is very popular in Western countries, the application of this model in Vietnam still faces many difficulties despite having specific regulations in the law. This article is aimed at identifying models of University Councils in some countries and pointing out the difficulties for universities in Vietnam when implementing this new governance model.

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