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Online Education Models and Experiences in the US

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Online education is named differently in different contexts and countries. Also known as distance education, borderless education, integrated learning, online education is not only the popular trend in the world but also the objective requirement in the current pandemic. USA is one of the leading countries in online education, providing the students with more opportunities and choices of education. This article discusses the models and experiences in online education in US.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 4 (2020).

Pham Huy Ky - Vu Thanh Van

Assoc. Prof., PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication - PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

The Importance of Economic Policy Communication in Vietnam Press Nowadays

Abstract: Policy communication is an important task and function of the government at all levels. Economic policies play an extremely important role in the development and prosperity of the country. But policy communication in the Vietnamese press still has some limitations. In many cases, policy communication is still one-way. In recent years, policy makers and press agencies have cooperated in policy communication process, however, in some government ministries, policy communication activities have been neglected. Through mass communication channels with different characteristics and functions, the Government's policies will be widely spread to everyone in the society. Economic policies of the Party and Government are communicated to the people through mass media channels, so communicating policies to the public is the essential task of press agencies in Vietnam.