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The Requirements for Quality of Scientific e-Journal

Scientific research Wednesday, 15:14 28-04-2021

The scientific e-journal is the inevitable trend of the society of information and integration. In Vietnam, the number of scientific e-journals will certainly increase arithmetically in the new few years. The quality of the scientific e-journal has always been the concern of any editorial board. The scientific e-journal must maintain its earnest nature and elegant colour, which are convenient for the audience. The sections of information should be clearly divided to contain new, attractive, diverse and abundant information, which provide high content of knowledge by adhering to the standard structure of IMRAD in the region and in the world.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 6 (2019).

Truong Thi Kien

Associate Professor, PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Russian October Revolution 1917 and the establishment of the Communist International

Abstract: Russian October Revolution of 1917 was the event of greatest international significance in the twentieth century, strongly influencing the world revolution, encouraging and promoting the self-liberation struggle of the working class, the oppressed peoples and the progressive humanity. For the international communist and workers' movements, the victory of the Russian October Revolution created a trend of combining Marxism with the workers' movement, establishing proletarian political parties in Asia. Therefore, the Russian October Revolution played an important role in preparing conditions, both in theory and organization, for the rallying of proletarian revolutionary forces on a worldwide scale.