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Robot Journalists: No More the Challenge of Future

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“Robot journalists” or “artificial intelligence - AI” or “automatic journalism” is neither the new concept any more nor the outlook of the journalism industry. It has become the agent of change for journalism and communication in the last four centuries. Information technology has given birth to “robot journalists” (born by internet-connected software), who are working together with human journalists to produce a bigger, more diverse and abundant amount of information.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 6 (2019).

Dinh Thi Thuy Hang

Associate Professor, PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Russian October Revolution 1917 and the establishment of the Communist International

Abstract: Russian October Revolution of 1917 was the event of greatest international significance in the twentieth century, strongly influencing the world revolution, encouraging and promoting the self-liberation struggle of the working class, the oppressed peoples and the progressive humanity. For the international communist and workers' movements, the victory of the Russian October Revolution created a trend of combining Marxism with the workers' movement, establishing proletarian political parties in Asia. Therefore, the Russian October Revolution played an important role in preparing conditions, both in theory and organization, for the rallying of proletarian revolutionary forces on a worldwide scale.

Role of communication activities in Vietnamese universities

Role of communication activities in Vietnamese universities

Professional forum 17:36 28-08-2022 3 tháng trước

Abstract: In the context of contemporary higher education, competition among universities is becoming increasingly fierce. When the Ministry of Education and Training tends to increase autonomy for universities, enhancing communication activities helps higher education institutions improve their reputation and enrollment efficiency. However, in Vietnam, research on communication in education is still limited, especially in the field of higher education, while this one is quite rich and diverse in other countries. The article presents an overview of domestic and foreign research on the communication activities of universities, thereby providing new research directions to help guide communication activities for educational institutions in Vietnam in the future.

New regulations in state management about residence

New regulations in state management about residence

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Abstract: Residency refers to citizens living in a place belonging to a commune-level administrative unit or a district-level administrative unit (in a place without commune-level one). The Residence Law 2020 better guarantees citizens' freedom of residence. It contributes to improving the efficiency of state management of security and order in the new situation, simplifying administrative procedures and citizenship papers related to residence registration and management, meeting the requirements of applying advanced science and technology in residence management, focusing on building and managing residence through the National Database on Population.

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