Wednesday, 01:12 27-07-2022

Some thoughts of online teaching in universities today - case study of Marxist-Leninist subjects

Education and training Wednesday, 01:12 27-07-2022

Abstract: The outbreak and complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 2 years has dramatically changed teaching activities of many universities. Making the most of digital platforms in the era of science and technology development to organize online teaching in schools is not only becoming popular but also redirecting teaching methods to show flexible adaptation in modern education. Assessing the current situation of online teaching is of profound importance to make appropriate adjustments to ensure teaching quality. Thereby, schools can promote the strengths of this teaching method for the stability and development of education and training at present and in the future. This article focuses on researching and surveying the current status of teaching Marxist-Leninist subjects online at universities, thereby identifying its existing achievements and proposing some fundamental solutions to organize online teaching in universities more effectively and with higher quality.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 5-2022

Khuat Thi Thanh Van

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Role of the press in the fight against corruption and negativity in Vietnam today

Abstract: In the fight against corruption and negativity, the press plays a special role. It contributes to detecting and fighting against cases, organizations and individuals who show signs of corruption and negativity. Also, it propagates and encourages the participation of the whole political system in the drastic struggle, mobilizing the strength of all people to participate in preventing and fighting against corruption and negativity. Analyzing and clarifying that role is of great significance, helping the Party, State, Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations and people have the right guidelines and measures in awareness and action. It will also strongly promote the system of press agencies, contributing to improving the effectiveness of the fight against corruption and negativity in our country today.

Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Education and training 14:45 05-03-2023 6 tháng trước

Abstract: Vietnam's higher education has been deeply integrating to better adapt to the rapid changes of the times. In that context, the policy of university autonomy issued by the Party and State is considered a top priority, in line with the development of the global education system. However, while the University Council is very popular in Western countries, the application of this model in Vietnam still faces many difficulties despite having specific regulations in the law. This article is aimed at identifying models of University Councils in some countries and pointing out the difficulties for universities in Vietnam when implementing this new governance model.

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