Tuesday, 18:47 18-05-2021

Sources of Revenue for Modern Media Organizations from Their Audience

Professional forum Tuesday, 18:47 18-05-2021

Revenue has always been a hot topic, which is concerned by many media organizations, especially in the context when print media must struggle for their survival, several radio and television stations have gone through the period of “natural attraction”, and online newspaper witnesses rapid development but cannot stabilize their revenue. Audience subscription has become a requirement, instead of an option for media organizations in order to pave their way for development. So how can they create more revenue from their audience, readers? Short-term and long-term subscription has been traditional model of revenue. However, nowadays there are plenty of ways for media organizations to successfully secure their revenue. This article introduces 12 remarkable sources of revenue.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 3 (2020).

Truong Thi Kien

Assoc. Prof., PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication