Core knowledge and skills of communication competence in the digital era

Journalism-Communication theory Monday, 10:49 23-05-2022

Abstract: Communication competence in the digital era is of particular interest in the new media environment and digital transformation. The trends of media convergence, integrated media, multimedia and the rapid technological development emphasize the importance of technological knowledge and skills. Based on a survey conducted among students majoring in journalism - communication, this article systematizes important knowledge and skills constituting communication competence in the digital era.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 2-2022


PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Significance of the fight against corruption and negative phenomena in Party building and construction today

Abstract: Fighting and preventing corruption and negativity is one of the necessary tasks to clean up the Party. The results of this task have great significance, serving as an extremely important practical foundation to prove the correctness, science and revolution in our Party's guidelines and leadership. It becomes a sharp weapon to fight against reactionary and hostile forces on all fronts, firmly defending the Party’s ideological foundation.