Messages about Corruption in Printed Media (Case Study with Nhan Dan, Lao Dong and Tuoi Tre Newspaper from 2005-2014)

Journalism-Communication studies Tuesday, 18:45 18-05-2021

Content analysis is one of the key research methods in the sociology of journalism, which was emphasized by M. Weber since 1910. The analysis of journalism content helps to understand how the issues are socially constructed in the media because the audience understands the society via the lens of the media practitioners. The research question is “How is corruption socially constructed through the messages in printed media?” Based on the analysis of 3.729 news and articles about corruption on three daily newspapers including Nhan Dan, Lao Dong and Tuoi Tre in nine  years from 2005 to 2014, the author aimed to answer the above question.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 2 (2020).

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication