The Role of Military Media in Political and Ideological Education for Army Officers

Journalism-Communication studies Monday, 08:58 10-05-2021

Military media is an integral part of the Viet Nam revolutionary press, making an important contribution to the victory in the cause of peace protection and country development. Therefore, it is important to enhance the quality of training military officers in general and those in military media in particular in order to fight against the evolution strategy by hostile forces, the self-transformation and self-evolution by some agents in the Party. To defend the political and ideological front of the Party, military media needs to promote their strength in communicating the directions, guidelines, and policies of the Party. It is also important to overcome the limitations so that the military media can better perform the role of political and ideological education.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 12 (2019).

Do Duy Hung

MSc, General Political Department - Ministry of Defense