Communication for the Ethnic Minorities in the World and Suggestions for Vietnam

Journalism-Communication studies Tuesday, 18:50 18-05-2021

In western countries, the communication targeted to ethnic minorities is conducted by and for (1) immigrants, (2) ethnic minorities with regards to race, nation and language, (3) native communities of different size from small communities, families, small and medium enterprises to profit and non-profit multinational corporations. This communication includes information about their communities in the resident country, in their home country and it is either in their mother language or local language. The media exists in different forms from print to internet and is suitable to the size of the media organizations and the need for information by the communities. It is important to develop the theoretical and practical understanding of these minority groups in order to devise the policies for Vietnam.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 4 (2020).

Luu Tran Toan

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication