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Methods and forms of defending Party’s ideological foundation, combating wrong and hostile views in theoretical field

Defending Tuesday, 18:55 18-05-2021

Defending Party’s ideological foundation is actually protecting the Party, the political credo, Party’s directions, Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought at the same time reinforcing people’s trust in the Party, ideological foundation of the Party and working class in Vietnam. This is achieved not only with theoretical arguments, words or resolution but also with practical actions, “consistency of words and actions”, construction and reform of the Party in order to make our party a scientific, revolutionary and human one of the working class and the nation.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 5 (2020).

Nguyen Thi Que – Nguyen Thi Thuy

Associate Professor, PhD, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics - PhD, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

Significance of the fight against corruption and negative phenomena in Party building and construction today

Abstract: Fighting and preventing corruption and negativity is one of the necessary tasks to clean up the Party. The results of this task have great significance, serving as an extremely important practical foundation to prove the correctness, science and revolution in our Party's guidelines and leadership. It becomes a sharp weapon to fight against reactionary and hostile forces on all fronts, firmly defending the Party’s ideological foundation.