Some solutions for developing scientific and technological human resources to promote national industrialization and modernization

Abstract: Scientific and technological human resources play a significant role in promoting the country's industrialization and modernization. They drive robust application of science and technology, ...

Vietnam Television changes for development in the digital age

Abstract: To avoid lagging behind and continue development in a society where authentic information becomes increasingly crucial, all media ...

Increasing political consciousness for ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands today

Abstract: Today, hostile forces are daily and hourly looking for ways to damage the revolutionary cause, to propagandize slanderous ...

Communist Party of Vietnam leading the Vietnam's revolutionary is inevitable

Abstract: Right from its birth, the Communist Party of Vietnam has set the right revolutionary goals, guidelines and strategies, meeting ...
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Ho Chi Minh Ideology

“Abstract: Stemming from the role, position, and mission of leading class and nation of the Communist Party of Vietnam, pioneering is the first "attribute" of a genuine party member. The development requirements of our country's revolution today require the example and pioneering of each party member to become highly self-aware. In this article, on the basis of analyzing President Ho Chi Minh's ... “

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Mai Duc Ngoc

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

“Abstract: President Ho Chi Minh practiced the complete transition of Vietnamese patriotism from tradition to modernity - patriotism based on the viewpoint of the working class - patriotism connected with socialism. Patriotism in the socialist revolutionary epoch completely inherits and develops the contents of traditional patriotism to a new higher degree in terms of quality. Among these ... “

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Tran Hai Minh

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication