Sunday, 14:40 25-04-2021

The Management of Information in Thailand’s Social Media and the Application into Vietnam’s Context

International news Sunday, 14:40 25-04-2021

According to a 2016 survey, 56 percent of Thailand’s 70-million population use social media. Therefore, the influence of social media on the life of Thai people cannot be denied. So how has Thailand government managed social media in order to utilize its benefits for the people and the government in the context of a strong social revolution? In March 2017 in Thailand, the research team conducted a seminar with the view to understand the reality, issues and solutions for managing information on social media in Thailand so as to develop a reference for Vietnam. This is the question that this article aims to answer.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 2 (2019).

Nguyen Ngoc Oanh

Prof. Dr., Academy of Journalism and Communication