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150th Anniversary of V.I. Lenin’s Birthday - The great leader of the world proletarian revolution

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V.I. Lenin - The great leader of the proletarian class in the world

On 16th April 1917, V.I. Lenin went to Petrograd to give a presentation about the April Theses, which was actually a platform to outline the strategy for the socialist revolution with the slogan: “All power to the Soviets!”. The 7th National Conference (April 1917) of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party ratified the revolutionary path set by V.I. Lenin.

Thousands of people organized the parade and meeting to welcome V.I. Lenin, the distinguished child of Russia at the station of Petrograd city

On the late afternoon of 6th November 1917, V.I. Lenin went to Smolny Palace to direct the armed uprising to overthrow the interim bourgeois government and establish the Soviet government. In the evening of 6th November 1917, the armed uprising took place in Petrograd city. In early morning of 7th November 1917, Saint Petersburg city was under the control of the uprising force and in the evening of 7th November 1917, the October Revolution came to complete success. The power was given to the people. The first workers’ and peasants’ State in the world under the leadership of the proletarian class was born.

V.I. Lenin went to Smolny Palace to direct the armed uprising to overthrow the interim bourgeois government and establish the Soviet government (left photo). In the evening of 6th November 1917, the armed uprising took place (right photo)

Right in the evening of 7th November 1917, the Congress of Soviets was convened, establishing Soviet Government led by V.I. Lenin

V.I. Lenin delivered the speech at Red Square in Moscow in the first Anniversary of the October Revolution on 7th November 1918

In early March 1919, Communist International (the Third International) was established in Moscow under the leadership of V.I. Lenin

V.I. Lenin (22-4-1870 – 22-4-2020) - the great leader of the proletarian class in the world

Applying V.I. Lenin’s thought creatively into the Vietnam’s revolution

The strong desire for independence, freedom for the people and the country urged Nguyen Ai Quoc - President Ho Chi Minh to find the way to save the country. He encountered the Draft Theses on National and Colonial Questions by V.I. Lenin. When reading this Draft Theses by V.I. Lenin, He felt moved: “Sitting alone in the room but I just wanted to shout out as if I was addressing to the mass: “My miserable fellows! This is what needed for us, this is the way for our liberation!”

From 25th to 30th December 1920, the patriotic young man Nguyen Ai Quoc (the alias of President Ho Chi Minh during his active stay in France) participated the 18th Congress of the French Social Party in Tours city as the representative from Indochina. Nguyen Ai Quoc became one of the founders of the French Communist Party and was the first communist of Vietnam.

President Ho Chi Minh considered V.I. Lenin’s thought and the lesson from Russian October Revolution as the “magic guidebook” and He comprehended and applied it creatively into Vietnam revolution. He established, trained the Vietnam Communist Party to take the role of leading Vietnamese people to overcome many difficulties and challenges to gain national independence, country union and led the country to socialism.

The meeting to encourage the uprising to procure the power by the Viet Minh Front organized in the Opera House of Hanoi on 19th August 1945 (left photo); on 2nd September 1945, in the historic Ba Dinh Square, President Ho Chi Minh delivered the Independence Declaration to give birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (right photo)

On 7th May 1954, the Victory Flag of our army flew on the top of De Castries’ bunker. The Dien Bien Phu Operation came to complete success (left photo); The tank of the Liberation Army run into Independence Palace on the noon of 30th April 1975, putting the resistance war against US to an end, liberating the South and unifying the country (right photo)

After 45 years of liberating the South and unifying the country, under the leadership of the Party, our country has made huge and historic achievements. Vietnam has transformed from a poor and backward country into a developing, middle-income one; people enjoy better physical and spiritual life; the national solidarity is continuously reinforced, enlarged and promoted; independence and sovereignty are maintained; the position and credibility of the country are increased in the international arena… The achievements are possible because our Party are loyal, consistent and creative in applying Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought.

Through different Congresses, our Party has applied V.I. Lenin’s thought creatively into the national renovation, industrialization, modernization and international integration

The country has undergone rapid development after almost 35 years of renovation

Source: Archive/ TTXVN, via Communist Review

Vu Trung Duy

Archive/ TTXVN

Promoting the role of publishing political theory books to fight against wrong and hostile views

Publishing political theory books is a task under the direct leadership of the Party Central Committee. After more than 20 years implementing Directive No. 20-CT/TW dated 27th January 2003 of the 9th-tenure secretariat, the task has basically met the demand for political theory books of officials, party members and people. It has become a channel for disseminating the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's policies and laws. Also, it has made an important contribution to protecting the Party’s ideological foundation, fighting against wrong and hostile views. The publications’ contents have far-reaching influence on theoretical and political issues, raising political awareness of party members to firmly trust the leadership of the Party and State.