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Protecting Cultural Security in Cyberspace in the Perspective of Journalism

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The rapid development of science and technology is increasingly important to the development of each country. However, this development threatens the cultural identity, which need to be protected and preserved. Several big countries, who have the intention of cultural domination, have tried to promote their cultural values, language, customs to all over the world through modern media and gradually transform the consumption habits and lifestyle of different nations in the world. The beauty of traditional culture and customs of many countries, including Vietnam is tainted because of several negative factors injected by different means of communication. One of  those is the toxic culture, which is disseminated and popularized in the cyberspace.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 3 (2020).

Pham Thi Thanh Tinh

Assoc. Prof., PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Requirements for training political theory lecturers, contributing to protecting the Party's ideological foundation, countering wrong and hostile viewpoints today

Abstract: One of the challenges facing our Party in the current context is the task of protecting the Party's ideological foundation, fighting against wrong and hostile viewpoints, as stated in Resolution No. 35-NQ/TW of the 12th Central Committee. Political theory lecturers, through their lectures and research, will provide knowledge to shape and develop a scientific worldview, a revolutionary worldview, and strengthen the trust of learners in the Party's leadership and the state's policies and laws. They will equip learners with the skills to identify issues as well as counter wrong and hostile viewpoints. Therefore, political theory lecturers must develop in terms of quantity, quality, structure, expertise, professionalism, skills, capabilities, and moral qualities to meet the increasing demands of teaching and protecting the Party's ideological foundation.