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Solutions to Enhance the Access to Information about Basic Social Services for the People

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Information has become an essential need and a valuable tool for people to exercise their rights and participate in the state management and social management. Therefore, information access has become one of the fundamental human rights. The access to information about all sectors of the society will help the citizens to understand their rights, benefits and responsibilities. In order to enjoy the benefits of social services, the people must be able to access to the information about these services first.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 10 (2019).

Pham Vo Quynh Hanh

MSc, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Russian October Revolution 1917 and the establishment of the Communist International

Abstract: Russian October Revolution of 1917 was the event of greatest international significance in the twentieth century, strongly influencing the world revolution, encouraging and promoting the self-liberation struggle of the working class, the oppressed peoples and the progressive humanity. For the international communist and workers' movements, the victory of the Russian October Revolution created a trend of combining Marxism with the workers' movement, establishing proletarian political parties in Asia. Therefore, the Russian October Revolution played an important role in preparing conditions, both in theory and organization, for the rallying of proletarian revolutionary forces on a worldwide scale.