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Competence-based Higher Education in Some Countries and Experiences for Vietnam

News Tuesday, 18:50 18-05-2021

Education and training is essential to the development of high-quality human resources. Only education and training has the power to develop people, who have professional capacity and creativity in order to manage science, technology, the ability to adjust to social changes as well as the ability to solve the emerging problems in the market economy and meet the increasing requirements of the society.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 4 (2020).

Nguyen Thanh Nga

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Educating the Party's guidelines contributes to the struggle against wrong and hostile views today

Abstract: The Party’s correct guidelines are significant factors determining all victories of the Vietnamese revolution. In the current context, hostile forces constantly find ways to distort and deny the Party’s leadership throughout history. Therefore, it is now urgent to strengthen educating the Party's guidelines for cadres, party members and people. It will contribute to consolidating their revolutionary viewpoints; improving their political will and revolutionary morality; providing them with methods and skills to identify and fight against wrong and hostile views.