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Solutions to improve the effectiveness of admission communication at the Academy of Journalism and Communication

News Thursday, 18:30 10-06-2021

Admission communication is especially important to higher education institutions, having direct influence on the existence and development of each institution. In the world, there is admission communication department in big names such as Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge University and even in small universities. In the context when higher education institutions are on the road for autonomy in admission and finance, it is extremely important for higher education institutions in Vietnam to build their brand.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 11 (2020).

Pham Tuyen

MSc, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Improving the legitimacy of the ruling Party currently

Abstract: In the process of exercising political power, the legitimacy of the ruling party is extremely important. It is built on people's trust in the rulers and the belief that they deserve to rule. If the rulers have good legitimacy, people are more willing to comply with their decisions and orders. This regulates the effectiveness of power exercising.