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The Influence of Information on Online Newspapers to the Youngsters’ Behavior in Vietnam Today

Digital media Tuesday, 11:31 27-04-2021

The explosion of information from various media and sources has brought about several challenges and difficulties. It is not simple for the leaders and managers to direct the audience to select accurate, suitable and trustworthy information. It is even more difficult to instruct the youngsters to the right sources of information because they have good knowledge and ability to adapt to change but they do not have enough experiences to identify right from wrong information. Therefore, in order to inform their understanding and behavior, it is important to understand the reality of their access to information on online newspapers. 

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 3 (2019).

Trinh Thi Thu Nga

MSc, Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs

Promoting national brands via culture: case study of Japan diplomacy

Abstract: Japan is a country in the Asia-Pacific region, with the national brand index always in the leading positions on country brand ranking such as Country Brand Index, Nation Brands Index... for many years. Japanese culture is also rated as one of the most influential ones in the world. These achievements result from the activities of promoting the national brand, especially the role of one of the typical actors such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The article focuses on clarifying the characteristics of the activities of promoting national brand image through culture carried out by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs inrecent years.

Solutions to improve the quality of electronic Journal of Political Theory and Communication in current period

Solutions to improve the quality of electronic Journal of Political Theory and Communication in current period

Digital media 17:20 28-08-2022 1 năm trước

Abstract: Integrating into the development trend of online newspapers in the digital era, after more than a year in operation, the electronic Journal of Political Theory and Communication has brought into play its strength and affirmed its position and role in the overall development of the AJC (Academy of Journalism and Communication) as well as its reputation in society. However, its operation still has challenges, limitations and shortcomings. The article proposes a number of solutions to improve the quality and performance of the Journal in the coming time.