Monday, 14:17 24-01-2022

Historical and contemporary value of Ho Chi Minh’s journey to find way to save the country

Scientific research Monday, 14:17 24-01-2022

Abstract: On 5th June 1911, Ho Chi Minh with the alias Van Ba left Nha Rong port to travel to France on the Amiral Latouche-Tréville steamer, creating a milestone and turning point to the revolution and nation of Vietnam. 110 years have passed and the path to national independence and socialism, which he identified, transforms our poor, hungry and miserable country into an independent, free and happy Vietnam, who is a sovereign and increasingly prosperous country. The historical and contemporary value of the event remains relevant and serves as the source of inspiration for our Party to continue the cause of “national independence and socialism” that He first started.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 6-2021

Nguyen Thi Truong Giang

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Perspectives of the world and Vietnam on network security

Abstract: Since its birth in the second half of the 20th century, the Internet has been developing strongly in recent decades, providing a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of individuals, families, organizations, and countries. With the increasing use of the Internet and related services, people are empowered with more rights, especially freedom of expression, to overcome geographical distances and promote the spread of information. However, the disproportionate development, the inadequacy in regulations and unequal order in cyberspace are increasingly evident, creating a widening gap among countries and regions. In addition, a great number of activities in cyberspace have left serious consequences on society, posing a dilemma of cybersecurity for countries and the international community.