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Digital transformation and solutions for digital journalism transformation in Vietnam: a perspective from human resources

Abstract: Up to now, the world press has entered the third stage of digital transformation, with the application of Open AI and ChatGPT tools to content production and creation. Digital ...

AI technology affects journalism training in the current period

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is one of the most important trends of the 21st century, putting impacts on many ...

What are The Positive and Negative Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Journalism?

Abstract: Recently, the media panorama has gone through fast and unheard-of transformations, because of the tremendous improvement in ...

Factors affecting contents of press - media in the context of globalization

Abstract: The press and media play the central role in the context of globalization. The information in the press and media becomes ...
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Ho Chi Minh Ideology

“Abstract: Stemming from the role, position, and mission of leading class and nation of the Communist Party of Vietnam, pioneering is the first "attribute" of a genuine party member. The development requirements of our country's revolution today require the example and pioneering of each party member to become highly self-aware. In this article, on the basis of analyzing President Ho Chi Minh's ... “

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Mai Duc Ngoc

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

“Abstract: President Ho Chi Minh practiced the complete transition of Vietnamese patriotism from tradition to modernity - patriotism based on the viewpoint of the working class - patriotism connected with socialism. Patriotism in the socialist revolutionary epoch completely inherits and develops the contents of traditional patriotism to a new higher degree in terms of quality. Among these ... “

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Tran Hai Minh

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication