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The Meaning of the Manuscript “Correcting the Working Habits” to the Enhancement of Ethical Quality of the Party Members and Cadres

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The author summarizes the main ideas of Ho Chi Minh about the legitimacy of the Party and the Party members and cadres in the manuscript “Correcting the Working Habits”; the application of his ideas in the enhancement of ethical quality for the Party members and cadres, especially in the planning of strategic cadres in the light of the 9th Resolution of the Party Central Committee the 12th tenure.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 3 (2019).

Do Minh Tuan - Nguyen Thi Phuong

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication - MSc, Political Academy of the People's Police of Vietnam

External Journalism and the Challenges of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution

Abstract: External journalism is being strongly influenced by the fourth technological revolution. A paradigm shift emerges in a manner that makes communicators change their awareness and ways of approaching the public with a new messages, new channels, and perception of a new generation of audience. These challenges require the system of external journalism to actively innovate, especially in the field of journalists’ training.