Models of University Councils in the world and difficulties when applying in Vietnam

Abstract: Vietnam's higher education has been deeply integrating to better adapt to the rapid changes of the times. In that context, the policy of university autonomy issued by the Party and State is ...

Building and strengthening the trust among Vietnamese students today

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing religious beliefs, scientific beliefs and characteristics of Vietnamese students, the article has ...

Methods of educating political culture to university students today

Abstract: Political culture plays a critical role in the development of the political system and the politics of Vietnam. It is the ...

Student counseling and support activities at Academy of Journalism and Communication

Abstract: In recent years, student counseling and support activities have become significant and have been paid more attention to by the ...
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Ho Chi Minh Ideology

“Abstract: Stemming from the role, position, and mission of leading class and nation of the Communist Party of Vietnam, pioneering is the first "attribute" of a genuine party member. The development requirements of our country's revolution today require the example and pioneering of each party member to become highly self-aware. In this article, on the basis of analyzing President Ho Chi Minh's ... “

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Mai Duc Ngoc

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

“Abstract: President Ho Chi Minh practiced the complete transition of Vietnamese patriotism from tradition to modernity - patriotism based on the viewpoint of the working class - patriotism connected with socialism. Patriotism in the socialist revolutionary epoch completely inherits and develops the contents of traditional patriotism to a new higher degree in terms of quality. Among these ... “

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Tran Hai Minh

Assoc. Prof. PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication